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Come and meet Flexsis and immerse yourself in a professional environment that recognises and values your experience while highlighting your skills. Explore exciting new opportunities at the heart of the industrial sector in Switzerland with us. Switzerland is known for its superior watchmaking, as well as for its electrical and mechanical engineering, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors.

With over 25 years of experience in recruiting for technical professions in Switzerland, Flexsis has in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market and an unrivalled network. You can count on us to find positions that match your skills. Our mastery of Swiss regulations and standards ensures that each professional contributes to the realisation of exceptional projects.

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At Flexsis, we highlight your experience in industrial professions. This provides a wide range of opportunities for our applicants with diverse skills.

A variety of positions in the industrial sector

Our team of consultants is at your full disposal. They are ready to respond to your needs.

Thanks to our personalised qualification interviews, we can fully understand your needs and expectations based on your experience, allowing us to guide you towards the ideal position.

Flexsis offers a variety of positions in the industrial sector. Whether you're looking for temporary assignments to broaden your experience or a permanent position, our consultants will taken into account your professional aspirations. We're committed to providing you with opportunities which match your skills and goals.





Watch technician

Watch technician


Electromechanical engineer

Electrical engineer

Electrical maintenance technician

Chief electrician

Polytechnic engineer

Polytechnic engineer

CNC operator

Automation engineer

Electronics engineer

Food production operator

Food quality technician

Production line manager

Food processing machine operator

Pharmaceutical laboratory technician

Pharmaceutical production operator

Pharmaceutical industry engineer

Pharmaceutical quality control technician