International Women’s Day: Flexsis values your abilities

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we had the privilege of meeting three of our temporary employees at Flexsis. These women, with remarkable life stories, are working in fields traditionally less frequented by women, thereby showcasing the wealth of professional diversity.

Flexsis is proud to count on 17,673 temporary employees in Switzerland, deployed across a wide range of sectors and companies nationwide. We are united by the belief that it’s the competencies and abilities of a person that matter, not their gender or background. This is reflected in the diverse and individual life stories that our candidates bring to us.

Proud forklift operator: Brankica found her path in Switzerland at 50

With seven years of experience at Flexsis, Brankica found her vocation in logistics. At 50, she embarked on a new chapter of her life by relocating from Bosnia to Switzerland and reaching out to our Egerkingen branch in search of employment. Today, she works as a temporary employee at Mibelle Group. Her journey is particularly noteworthy: upon her arrival in Switzerland, Brankica barely spoke German. Thanks to her determination and support from Flexsis, she not only learned the language but also recently, at 57, successfully completed a forklift driving course.

Flexsis is proud to celebrate Brankica’s success and wishes her continued satisfaction and fulfillment in her work.

From retail specialist to mechanic: Vanessa’s new chapter

In the spring of 2023, Vanessa embarked on a significant journey to transform her career. After relocating, the trained retail specialist, guided by a recommendation from a friend, approached Flexsis’s branch in Frick in search of a new opportunity. Her initiative led to a trial day with Hitachi Energy in Lenzburg, where Vanessa quickly integrated into a new team. Thanks to the support of her colleagues, she successfully transitioned into her new position as a machine operator.

At Flexsis, we are proud of Vanessa and her journey. We congratulate her on her successful transition and wish her continued satisfaction and enjoyment in her new role.

“Every woman can make it”: Nelli, a pioneer in electrical industry

Nelli, with a background as an electronics technician in Germany for over twenty years, sought new opportunities in Switzerland. Following the example of her children, who had found employment in Switzerland through Flexsis, she approached our branch in Frick. Now, Nelli is part of the team at ABB, engaging in the production of power cables for train traction converters on a global scale. Reflecting on her career, Nelli is satisfied with her progress in a profession that has traditionally been male dominated. She states, “Success is achievable for anyone who pursues it. Today, achieving gender equality is more attainable than ever.”

Flexsis congratulates Nelli on her remarkable journey and continues to support her commitment and enjoyment in her professional field.

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